Our sensor solutions

At farmIT we manufacture a wide range of sensors to meet the needs of the farming community. Click on the links below for more details about each of our sensor types.

tankIT: Monitor water levels in all your key water storage tanks wherever they are located.

troughIT: Safeguard your valuable livestock by monitoring water levels in all your troughs.

damIT: Check water levels in your key dams, turkey nests and irrigation channels.

tempIT: Keep a close eye on soil temperature to optimise crop and pasture management.

fridgeIT: Ensure the efficacy of your livestock vaccines by monitoring fridge temperatures.

rainIT: Stay informed about rainfall levels to assist with irrigation planning and crop management.

shutIT: Enhance farm security by monitoring the status of boundary gates.

The signals from these sensors are sent to a farmIT cloudLink, which is the grand central station of operations on a farmIT sensor network. It coordinates the sensor network requesting readings and seamlessly channels them over the Internet to private and secure cloud storage for access by the farmIT web page or any mobile device.

Follow these links to see farmit in action view screen shots of the user interface, read testimonials , review our ethical manufacturing policy or review frequently asked questions.