Real people, True stories

“Bloody brilliant!! Shout you a beer when I see you”
Peter, grazier, South East Queensland

31st August 2021

Your farmIT gear is just working a treat. Really great. Simple, works. The tank monitors already saved the day – see below.

Mark, Mount Newman, WA
25th June 2024

“Your trough sensor saved the lives of 83 heifers we had in a small holding paddock. An air leak caused a bubble to develop in the pipe going from the storage tank to the trough which stopped water from flowing. The manager was away for the long weekend but thankfully he was using the app and quickly noticed that there was a problem and had one of the station hands investigate and move the stock to another paddock. It is shocking to think what could have happened without that sensor. Thanks for a great product. We are now installing your sensors on all our paddocks where we don’t have a dam as backup.
Patrick, grazier, western slopes and plains
1st March 2022

This system has been rock solid from my end . It has saved me so much time.
Peter, farmer, Silkwood, near Mission Beach FNQ
22nd November 2022

“Your product has given me peace of mind. I have five horses in the country but live in Sydney and its great to be able to know that the paddock gates are closed and that there is water in their trough”
Elena, horse owner, Sydney
5th January 2023

“We have installed over thirty of your sensors across both of our properties and I have to say we are delighted with the result. In fact, its hard to imagine not having them. They have saved us time sending station hands to check on water, warned us when there has been a leak in our tanks and helped with security on some of our more remote boundary gates. We often have interruptions to our power supply out here but that hasn’t been a problem as the system just connects right back up without us having to do anything. Thanks for a great product and the friendly service.”
Maria, property owner, near Blayney NSW
20th May 2023