Why farmIT?

The answer is simple – farmIT uses smarter technology!

The problem:
Conventional remote monitoring systems rely on transmitting data to satellite or mobile phone networks (3G, 4G, Nb IOT etc). This presents several challenges:

  1. Expensive hardware: Each sensor requires costly communication equipment to establish connectivity with the network. It’s literally putting a satellite or mobile phone on each of your water tanks, troughs etc! You only have one phone, so why should your farm have a phone for EVERY sensor. It just doesn’t make sense!

  2. High power consumption: Satellite and mobile phone systems consume significant power, often requiring the use of solar panels with lead acid or large polymer batteries. This results in high costs, time consuming installation and potential fire risks from lithium polymer batteries.

  3. Limited data collection: These systems come with constraints on how frequently data can be collected. Users are often limited to just 2 or 3 readings per day, despite having to pay substantial annual data subscription fees.

The farmIT Solution:
farmIT eliminates all these issues by using advanced European mesh telemetry which efficiently channels data from all sensors to a central hub i.e. the cloudLink. From there, the data is seamlessly transmitted to the cloud via your existing internet connection.

By adopting this approach, farmIT eliminates the need for costly communication hardware, which allows farmIT sensors to operate for extended periods, up to 5 years, using just 2 AA batteries. Furthermore, this method streamlines installation and offers the flexibility to capture as many readings per day as desired, all without data subscription fees.

Our network’s mesh configuration enables data transmission even from the most remote corners of your property.

Our Guarantee: Our sensors are built to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in demanding agricultural environments and come backed with a 3 year warranty. Trust our technology to provide accurate and timely data, allowing you to make informed decisions for your farm. Click here to see farmIT in action.