User Interface

The farmIT user interface is designed to be simple yet powerful. It can be used with all devices including iPhones, androids, iPads and computers.

Using your phone you can quickly see which sensors are within normal range (green) and which are outside (red) and need your attention.

Using the “+” button you can easily add more sensors to the farm.

user interface

If you want to see more detailed information for each sensor then simply tap the green or red arrow alongside the relevant sensor to see the measurement history for that sensor for time periods ranging from the last day to the last 180 days. On this page you can also set the measurement units for the sensor. For example, in the case of a tankIT sensor, you can select from depth in millimeters, volume in litres or percentage full.

Tap the page/pencil icon to access the “Edit Sensor” page. This is where you specify the sensor name and other parameters including relevant specifications, update interval, alert levels and notification method (email and/or text message).